The Honorable Joseph Washington serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District of St. Louis County, Missouri. As a director, he sets policy for the fire district. Washington spent a career as a firefighter at the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection district where he rose through the ranks from a private up to the Assistant Fire chief. His efforts to improve the opportnities for black firefighters to get promotions and to just get employed with the district ran into resistance from the predominantly white firefighters' union, which had control over the directors then serving in office director, and resulted in the termination of his employment. He returned by first getting himself elected as a director and then by aiding the election of one of his political allies, Robert Edwards. He and Edwards form a working majority on the board that has made a major effort to provide equal employment opportunites for blacks and women as well as to make it possible for black professionals to be retained by the district as well. For further information on the fire district, click on the link to the distict's website below.

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