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Rep. Walton Hosts Forum on Trash Districts and Economic Development of North County

State Rep. Juanita Head Walton (Democrat, north St. Louis County ), hosted a public forum on economic development and trash collection between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Friday, April 25.  Rep. Walton and her aides were pleasantly surprised when more than 200 people showed up for the session in the community room of Jamestown Mall.  Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. is ordinarily not a time when most people are interested in attending public forums.  Most people having just finished their work week, instead, look forward to a weekend of relaxation and entertainment.

The high attendance at the meeting was sparked by a wave of anger among residents of unincorporated areas of St. Louis County about paying for recycling pickups they donít want or use, as well as the large increase in their trash bills occasioned by the county councilís newly enacted trash district plan.  Many residents were already recycling their trash for free, and even being paid by recycle centers for delivering to those centers such items as aluminum cans.

Approximately two-thirds of the attendees at the meeting came to the forum because of large increases in their trash bills. They were informed of the meeting mainly through mailings and telephone calls organized by Rochelle Walton Gray, who is running to succeed Rep. Walton as State Representative of the 81st District.  Walton, who has reached the maximum limit of terms that she may serve in the Missouri House, is seeking election to the Missouri Senate in the August 5 democratic primary.

The recently passed trash district plan has become a very heated issue throughout the unincorporated areas of St. Louis County ; so Rep. Waltonís community forum on the issue was well received.  Members of the audience expressed anger as they bitterly complained about substantial increases of $20, $30 or more dollars in their quarterly or three-month trash bills because of recycling pickups they did not order.

As a part of the forum, Rep. Walton showed a power-point presentation that had been prepared by trash district opponents in south St. Louis County. When a picture of St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley appeared during the presentation, the audience booed loudly.  They also expressed displeasure with Mike OíMara, the county council member from the 4th district that covers the areas surrounding Jamestown Mall.

OíMaraís position on the trash district seems to be benefiting Tony Weaver, a Walton ally running for St. Louis County Council member from the 4th District; with Weaver seizing the moment to urge participants to vote for him in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary if they want a county council person who will listen to their concerns and meet their needs. Weaver pledged to undo the trash districts and the recycling requirements imposed on the residents.

The forum lasted some three hours and spurred Rep. Walton to schedule a second meeting aimed at residents of unincorporated areas around Jamestown Mall that are not located within her legislative district.  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 8th at the Jamestown Mallís Community room.

State legislation aims to curb spread of STDs
By Blythe Bernhard
Thursday, Dec. 20 2007

 Only one partner in a sexual relationship would need to see a doctor for both to get treated for Chlamydia or gonorrhea if a proposed state bill becomes law.

 St. Louis leads the country in rates of both diseases, a distinction state Rep.  Juanita Head Walton, D-north St. Louis County, hopes to change by introducing  the concept of expedited partner therapy.

 "They are continuously transmitting this disease back and forth and if they're  treated, it will help wipe this out and keep our numbers down," Walton said.  Under the bill Walton plans to file today, doctors could prescribe or dispense  antibiotics for a patient's sexual partners without ever examining them. If it  gains approval of the state Legislature and the governor, the law would only  apply to cities or counties where the rates of the diseases significantly  exceed the national average, including St. Louis and St. Louis County.

 At least 11 other states have approved similar legislation, including  Tennessee, Utah and California, according to the Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention.

 Treating patients without supervising them is not ideal, according to a 2006  CDC report on expedited partner therapy. Some might have other health problems  that go unnoticed. They could have allergic reactions to the antibiotic. Plus,  they can miss out on disease prevention counseling.

 Still, the CDC calls the approach useful, especially for treating male partners  of women with Chlamydia or gonorrhea.

 Women have much higher rates of the diseases than men, in part because women  are more likely to get screened. If their partners aren't treated, women are at  high risk for re-infection. Both diseases can lead to infertility and other  serious complications.

 Last year, doctors reported about 10,000 new cases of Chlamydia in the St.  Louis region, mainly in people 15 to 24 years old.

 "If you had 10,000 young people sick with anything, you'd want to find those  kids and get them treated and cured," said Michael P. Williams, who directs  communicable disease control for the St. Louis County Department of Health.  "That doesn't change if it's a sexually transmitted disease."

 The health department is eager to start the program if it becomes legalized,  Williams said.

"We really have an extraordinary situation, and we think this is one more tool  that would help us address it."

A "HBPA" Resolution Drafted by Missouri Rep. Juanita Walton for Introduction into State Legislature

November 1, 2007 (LPAC)--A Homeowner and Bank Protection Act Resolution drafted by Rep. Juanita Head Walton (District 81, St. Louis), as a House Concurrent Resolution in the Missouri House of Representatives, which will convene in January, 2008, is provided below.

House Concurrent Resolution No. [to be assigned, January, 2008]

WHEREAS, the onrushing financial crisis involving home mortgages, debt instruments of all types, and the banking system of the United States, threatens to set off an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s; and

WHEREAS, millions of Americans are faced with foreclosure and loss of their homes over the coming months; and

WHEREAS, the hedge funds which spread this financial collapse among markets worldwide by dominating speculation in all those markets are now going bankrupt and demanding government bailout of their securities and derivatives, and the nominal value of the derivatives based on mortgages alone is the size of the combined GDP of the nations of the world; and

WHEREAS, this financial crisis threatens the integrity of both federal and state chartered banks, as typified by the run on deposits of Countrywide Financial Corporation in California on August 16, 2007, which could wipe out the life savings of too many American people and drastically undermine the economic stability of our states and cities; and

WHEREAS, under similar circumstances in the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt successfully intervened to protect banks and homeowners, addressing Congress with a "declaration of national policy" on April 13, 1933, which stated "that the broad interest of the Nation reguires that special safeguards should be thrown around home ownership as a guarantee of social and economic stability, and that to protect homeowners from inequitable enforced liquidation in a time of general distress is a proper concern of the Government;"

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the House of Representatives of the Ninety-fourth General Assembly, Second Regular Session, the Senate concurring therein, hereby call upon the United States Congress to take emergency action to protect homeowners and banks by enacting a Homeowners and Banks Protection Act specifically to:

  1. Establish a federal agency to place federal and state chartered banks under protection, freezing all existing home mortgages for a period of time, adjusting mortgage values to fair prices, restructuring existing mortgages at appropriate interest rates, and writing off speculative debt obligations of mortgage-backed securities, financial derivatives, and other forms of financial pyramid schemes that have brought the banking system to the point of bankruptcy; and
  2. Declare a moratorium on all home foreclosures for the duration of the transitional period, allowing families to retain their homes. Monthly payments, the equivalent of "rental payments," shall be made to designated banks, which can use the funds as collateral for normal lending practices, thus recapitalizing the banking system. These affordable monthly payments will be factored into new mortgages, reflecting the orderly deflating of the housing bubble, the establishment of appropriate property valuations, and reduced fixed mortgage interest rates. While this may take several years to achieve, in the interim period no homeowner shall be evicted from his or her property, and the federal and state chartered banks shall be protected so that they can resume their traditional functions, serving local communities and facilitating credit for investment in productive entities; and
  3. Authorize governors of several states to assume the administrative responsibilities for implementing the program, including the "rental" assessments to designated banks, with the federal government providing the necessary credits and guarantees to assure the successful transition; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chief Clerk of the Missouri House of Representatives be instructed to prepare properly inscribed copies of this resolution for the President of the United States and each member of the Missouri Congressional delegation.

Offered by Representative Juanita Head Walton.

( Remember... With Walton your problems may not go away, but they won't be ignored)


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