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Rochelle Walton Gray - For State Representative



Rochelle’s young family has now grown up.

From left to right, Alan II, Rochelle, Alana & Alan Sr.


She is concerned for the health and welfare of our seniors

Love, protection and care of our children is a priority for Rochelle

Working hard to make sure your family remains healthy, wealthy, happy and safe

A quality education is a must for success in life


Jobs & fair wages for all



Senior Citizens
Senior citizens are of major concern to Rochelle. She will only support legislation that will increase aid to seniors, improve medical care, cut taxes and provide senior discounts.

Safe streets and secure homes are a must. We need to protect our citizens and property. Criminals must be punished and the police department must be responsive.

Jobs for all is the most important deterrent to crime and despair. We need jobs for all and we must work to provides jobs for all.

The provision of quality education must also be of high priority. We must get involved and work hard to educate our children.

Health Care
Without good health, life is not worth living. We must have universal health care for all, no matter what their ability to pay.


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